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Bank of Canada

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The Bank of Canada (in French: Banque du Canada) is Canada's central bank. It was created by the Bank of Canada Act of 1934, to "promote the economic and financial well-being of Canada." It is the sole issuer of banknotes in Canada, and the central bank for the Canadian dollar. The bank's headquarters are located in the Bank of Canada Building at the corner of Wellington and Bank Streets in downtown Ottawa.

Chủ tịch: Stephen S. Poloz

Các Thành Viên Biểu Quyết Hiện Tại: Stephen S. Poloz, Sylvain Leduc, Carolyn Wilkins, Norman M. Betts, Alan Andrew Borger, Phyllis Clark, Colin Dodds, Monique Jérôme-Forget, Claire M. C. Kennedy, Derek D. Key, Hassan Khosrowshahi, Wes Scott, Jean Simon, Greg Stewart, Martin Sullivan, Paul Rochon

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